Monday, September 29, 2008

hats off to 35 mm's

garbage museum: fotograph fantastic frenzies

younghearts and rough clearwaters

convenience store wait outs and nifty necklines
acidic memories and corny coathangers

classy cigarettes and glowing starlets

variety of mustaches and crazy wallpaper

creative complexity and soulful shannon bateman

happy hamilton soldiers and former buskers

musical Suggestions and powerful selections:
check out for an eclectic head bobbing world of music.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

don't forget your roots

local motion has been reborn.

41 posts lie in the internet graveyard...

say hello to


trendspots, photographs, documents, thrift shops, opens bottles, smokeshows, refrigerates after opening, wanders, yard sales, televises, avoids readings, trespasses, and destructs.

uber destructions, thick cameras, empty bank accounts, herbal insents,

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