Thursday, February 26, 2009

conversations with cookie monsters

long ago weekends,
grubby plus shirts,
bad tasting cookie dough,
and funny funny faces

forty percent bottles,
unknown objects,
disposable camera snatchers,
and university exploitation

brock traditions,
and defining convenience
various clashes,
wet combat boots,
and digital breakdowns

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

blasting tundras

its snowing dogs,
flippy floppy friends,
and centered folks

time machine walls,
exceptional characters,
and car riding glory

gigantic journeys,
corkscrewed dedication,
and subtracting bears

organ wipeouts,
extraordinary takeoffs,
costume questioners,
neon lit ceilings,
and the infamous red room

vinyl curses,
ojibway drinking,
dangerous sittings,
dreamcatching echos,
and couch potatoe promotion

++atttttentionnn ++

to the filthy young,
the uber questionable,
and the punk demographics

here comes the new era,

modern transition
from the
of late nites, lipstick, and decadence
to trim disorder and dramatics

send some submissions!
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