Monday, February 9, 2009

two wheel benders

three week old lovebombs

overflowing tonics,
outdoor huddles,
backseat clouds,
strong midnights,
hello hello's,
and burger hosts

witness the spectacular

FUTU zealousness,
bmxfu business,
hooter hoorays,
lifecycle gratitude,
barefoot messages,
and snowy saturdays

guzzled beverages,
warming footwear,
futu fanatics,
hooters blurs,
intelligible burning,
and ashy vaporation


Anonymous said...

everyone in your life has such great hair.

Anonymous said...

lovely pics (:
whaat type of cam do you have?

garbage museum said...

yashica film slr!

Ryan McKillop said...

Lifestory: Monologue = Unreal! Love those dudes!

Ryan McKillop said...

Oh ps... my computer sneezed and I think I sent duplicates of that last comment. Ignore those.. and this I suppose!

Anonymous said...

I like your pics a lot, very inspiring! Greetings from Finland!

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