Wednesday, April 29, 2009

steaming suppers

crucifixial holidays,
gargantuan golf tournaments,
white wine guzzlers,
plastic bunnies,
and stolen eggs

gathered relatives,
iridescent sunlight,
counteracting table cloths,
and friendly chairs

artificial fruits,
formal fifth floor meals,
delicious gnocchi feasts,
and fifties love tunes

beautiful days,
bootys everywhere,
trickster tights,
and clash copiers

Saturday, April 25, 2009

heavy metal highway

staring outside,
mexican afternoons,
desert discoveries,
peaceful streets,
ironic posing,
and interrupting field trips

swingset stranglings,
view from above,
and stinky subcultures

lamb of god dogs,
rays of sunlight,
in and out shoppers,
terrifying moshpits,
and loud walls of death

rock and roll preparation,
analyzing toronto,
camera confiscations,
popcorn carnivores,
and hitting limbs

screaming metalheads,
parking lot parties,
pickup truck rocking,
slamming and walking,
and an unbelievable experience

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