Monday, April 6, 2009

grungy playgrounds

chains and crosses,
inverted everything,
elementary dimebag scandles,
revisiting childhood,
kids in the park,
and fluky snapshots

domestic backlash,
skipping haircuts,
crackling laundry,
bedraggled shags,
and towering babes

sunshine anarchy,
blonde busybees,
sister strolls,
and beaming fields

mismatching people,
one table of goens,
jukebox yelling,
bicycle accessorizing,
and dangerous pitchers

deer hunter missions,
legally blonde,
bedraggled shags,
daisy duke discrimination,
pointless holidays,
over the top antics,
and leprechaun behaviour

skinhead fortunes,
animal planet fridays,
alfalfa sprout lunches,
backyard dreaming,
silly saxophones,
and get off my cloud

stuff's coming up.
stay tuned.
too much trash.


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