Monday, April 13, 2009

blue collared fanatics

stop right theres,
sprinting nudity,
prickly forests,
peaceful ferry's,
and jaunting characters

attacked fruitplates,
numbered bars,
model themed women,
red prominence,
cutup gloves,
and queen west observations

datamoshed televisions,
star wars excess,
associating folks,
empty change purses,
and socializing with toileteries

birthday party crashers,
outside alcohol,
snack attacks,
and naturally ecstatic

outerspace viewings,
thoughtful glances,
artistic smelling rooms,
and punk rebirthers

how did you get here's,
butchered karaoke,
smiths whiners,
snuck in wine,
kicked out ladies,
and femme pouts

street beef appreciation,
ideal sunlight,
reflecting on skyscrapers,
and 2.75 fares

arriving photographers,
professional bagels,
studded correctional boots,
ritzy teenagers,
and indefinite strangers


Vee said...

that "post no bills" sign cracks me up every time i see it.

great photos as per usual girls.

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