Thursday, April 16, 2009

rambling beaches

reflective surfaces
stop and go parades
bedroom hideaways
misinterpreted meetings
grape pop park waiting
exotic beauties

fragmented bodies
overexposed youth
southern comforts and chilly winds
four dollar ferrys
island survivors

runny nose sundays
dreary drift wood
sweatshirts and underwear
polluted turquoise
swamp life

studded finds
crewed up pigeons
rodents and concrete wastelands
plastic bag ghosts
falling in holes

photos by brianne burnell


Vee said...

love love love!!

allyw said...

picture of LL being scared of those birds is so good.

i like this post ladies!

Anonymous said...

hello girl,
tell me, you making photos at home, yourself?:)

Ryan McKillop said...

<3 College Park. Watch your back though. Those pigeons are vicious.

Chloe said...

pleaaase tell me where to get your camera!

garbage museum said...

chloe the camera used for this post is one i found at value village, the light leaks were an added bonus

HOWEVER it just broke so everyone can say goodbye to those pretty orange streaks


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