Wednesday, April 22, 2009

clean up your act

stealthy admissions,
formal delinquency,
fading lipstick,
and half-witted charmers

our history of cowboys
flying dresses,
extensive melodies,
and noble lenses

instrumental nirvanas,
steadfast audiences,
adroit circumstances,
beer bottle bans,
and shivering shoulders

militant walks,
lost ttc tokens,
vogue carnage,
matronly bills,
and zealous debacles

twitching eyes,
floral oxymorons,
female hazards,
convivial groups,
'olsen twin lookalikes',
compromising bartenders,
and styled disciples

stranger talk,
speeches about dinner,
trusty flasks,
blue collared fanatics,
irrational screenings,
clr it! and violin symphonies

fatuous faces,
candid exemption,
modern artisans,
clear gin visions,
and autonomous wanders


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