Tuesday, June 30, 2009

zombie summer

pirate ship escapades
greenery overdose
mountaintop views and light shows
late night run ins
zombie apocalypse

(this is the bottom rockers)

ripped nights
underage and overdrawn
sidewalk tracings and alleyway gatherings
sweat and face paint
walking on water

photos by brianne burnell

burning hells

former celebrations,
last years excitement,
depp appearances,
those fun things,
and vocal remedies

fruitful out of towners,
ginned up hands,
clashing repetoires,
melting metalcore,
and spazzing pits

slurring graduates,
forestry business,
possessed fires,
painful nextdays,
nonsensical speeches,
and refreshing contenders

headbanging phonies,
nontraditional waitresses,
hazy visions,
chronic individualism,
evacuating friends,
and dying reputations

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