Thursday, June 4, 2009

the trashy one hundredth post

flying thoughts,
blossoming trees,
pixie walks,
political messages,
freezing legs,
and old habits

tented bro dens,
crooked houses,
busy sandals,
senior outreaches,
tattooed families,
heavy drinks,
and loose reflections

gambling men,
rhetorical zines,
eventful coffee tables,
nouveau bicyclettes,
and hypocrite dogs

rowdy children,
daily 'dogshows',
overly lazy eyes,
cleaning bedrooms,
forest gallivanting,
lightly dressed girls,
several packs,
and bicycle races


L A D Y E L E C T R I Q U E said...

yay for garbage museum!

jessicastanley said...

can't wait to hang with you guys! You know how to have fun!

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