Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dirty lives

truthful pawnshops,
hedonistic picnics,
satisfied squints,
confusing directions,
and persian man premonitions

middle fingers,
long haired posses,
parental guidance,
and rooftop galavants

subway soldiers,
teen angst,
attempted glares,
and kim possible

small town discussions,
big booty jeans,
sloppy debates,
bathroom pouts,
and exposing criminals

blowing crews,
members only blankets,
bicycle crashed legwear,
and sunday silhouettes

punk homebodies,
overexposed prayer beads,
seasonal commotion,
and youthful progression

fantasy escapades,
lonely lampshades,
melodramatic logic,
sharing muses,
and disordered beds

jewelery diligence,
erupting lifestyles,
smoking hot hardware,
fanatic craftsmenship

Photo by Zach Hertzman. 2009.

Michael Mercanti's

Sunday, March 29, 2009

switzerland chocolate

hillside farewells,
dalmation adoration,
switzerland smokeoffs,
godsave queen st,
sandwich dialogue,
baseball phonys,
soulmate banter,
and handfuls of disposables

finale journeys,
whining photographers,
shadowed waves,
and energetic travellings

violent brainwaves,
sappy exhales,
cruella devil,
ruff goodbyes,
and gunshooting harlems

missed boys,
melancholy visits,
canadian headwear,
snowy streetcorners,
and sinister amplification

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