Wednesday, March 11, 2009

punch-drunk captures

giddy ladies,
stopped soirees,
witty banter,
unforgettable blocs,
entwined hands,
oceanic sinks,
and gin slipping hip hop

notorious blasting,
fuzzy footage,
minimal shuteye,
and shady appearances

butcher shop sagas,
ignored daylight,
headbanging hooligans,
and metal movements

jim reeves calmdowns,
northern habits,
passed out passengers,
vicious doormen,
and rapture sing alongs

bring back
black sabbath


Anonymous said...

hi girl,
what camera do you use for this?

inabeena said...

wow! you took these? these are gorgeous! Theyre like a grittier Cobra Snake (thats a good thing, btw) :P. Wanna trade links? :)

inabeena said...

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

amazing as always

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