Monday, December 29, 2008

bottom rockers

filthy film
disappearing disposables
chain linked mosh pits
bearded musicians
back alley gatherings
and drunk preachers

librarian glasses
neon windbreakers
snow covered bottles
stolen set lists

beach nirvanas

outdated beaches,
satisfied surfers,
mind boggling seafood,
found nemo,
vibrant swimsuits,
ll camerahands,
film hiatus,
and marriages with sunshine

scary seafood,
smelly piers,
and afternoon road trips

35 mm photographs and superb exposure, coming soon

Saturday, December 27, 2008

30 below blues

glitter overdose
stinging earlobes
curious cameras
family functions
corporation christmas
and coveted fur coats

unrequired spending
friendship reassembly
mental countdowns
(just a few more days)
friends in exotic places

constant cab rides
reminiscent reunions
christmas cards for everyone!
multicultural santa

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

animal farm

go getters,
attempted authenticity,
americanized 'countries',
reality bites,
and wallet stashes

korny kingdoms,
animal parades,
seasoned safari,
faulty accents,
tribal outfits,
a jillion lenses,

comedic children,
purchase impulses,
ZERO recycling bins,
fake continents,
artificial meals,
anti-nacho campaigns,

sneaky processers,
worldwide families,
terrifying dinoland,
and whimpy riders!

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