Wednesday, April 28, 2010

nose bleeds

These are my Best Friends,
All in one place.

bloody spring,
graffiti parody,
the same 40 songs,
simple afternoons,
weed o'clocks,
and blessed sun

two pm rises,
wretched coons,
reflective eyes,
old gangs,
st. leslie day,
and ignoring duties

eroding stomachs,
c'est chic,
street kids,
daily protests,
rooftop divinity,
and frank attitudes

affectionate youngens,
knotted hands,
working women,
beer sweaters,
reety apathy,
and the roof era

Photos by Laura-Lynn Petrick
Copyright, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

getting gross

power couples,
pest control,
mice families,
heavy sleepers,
blurry consumers,
and cardboard fungus

replacement uncles,
dining belligerence,
sloppy self promotion,
elegant chat roulettes,
j.d equipped men,
and quebecois tastebuds

thoughtfully dressed cities,
standardized backs,
hair down there,
shirt wedgies,
faceless fast food,
and recycling boycotts

muscle competitions,
dumpster diving,
lonely snowmen,
projection art attack,
and caddy chicken

All Photos by Laura-Lynn Petrick
Copyright, 2010

p.s : Check out Mark's photos from Sunday's Slumber Party here

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