Tuesday, February 17, 2009

kids you won't forget

photograph fiends,
dangling rosaries,
pbr castles,
pastels and gumpacks,
white walls and doodle cravings

stupefying travels,
adoring assemblies,
hotel faux comfort,
and lengthly ceiling stares

notorious excursions,
rooftop talks,
snow goggle days,
kitchen sabotages,
cross legged fools,
and ravishing strangers

handy h2o,
zipped up coats,
circle beds and sprawling lofts,
here, there, everywhere,
and hefty eye contact

boney guests,
subway rebellion,
dainty conversations,
and heads full of hair

hooded smiles,
distorted perceptions,
damn high ceilings,
nonchalant afternoons,
and swift thrifters,

monthly blur,
seasonal confusion,
and mug misses

previous hideouts,
bulldozed attitudes,
backlane betty's,
deceased furry friends,
and store killers

hometown touches,
village raids,
light wallets,
and valentines nudges


Elle est où ma caisse? said...

like the colours so much
i was wondering, what film do you use? (not that i have money to buy some fcking expensive but good film, but whatever)

Anonymous said...

send me one of these journals; /


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