Sunday, October 19, 2008

inspirational hand me downs

doodle on your doorstep,
sip coffee and skip textbooks,
cure last night,
work on that penmenship,
battle bad weather,
non stop bicycle riders,
comb your hair celebrations,
prepare for the winter,
necessary nostalgia,
and take a golden glance
at some of these ancient documents

photo by Dorothy Petrick in July 84'
photo by Dorothy Petrick in January 85'

photo by eleven year old, me

thunder bay basement beauty,
they're mayhem causing hellbreakers
with used instruments and teenage angst.


Vee said...

thats a really rad picture you took :)

Female Action Star said...

Woooowwww I digg the wordplay alot in this and I'm definitely a fan of someone putting cool word together when they have something cool to say. Ur the bomb! lol

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