Tuesday, August 18, 2009

boggling burns

camp kickouts,
fire hoppers,
spastic glowsticks,
missing brains,
rufied kids,
and loss of balance

everyday disgust,
colonial coffee tables,
family heretics,
floating crosses,
segregated people,
and peaceful passouts.

boring festivals,
italian infestation,
old haircuts,
downtown comfort,
and booger children

skipping the movies,
mystery nights,
erased campfires,
zombie youth,
bereaved girls,
police politics,
and getting lost in rooms

Photos Taken By Laura-Lynn Petrick
With a Yashica Fx-3 Super 2000


Shade said...

ahaha love the sleeping pics.

Miriam said...

awesome pictures as always!

Greg Dubeau said...

These remind me off the photography of Hedi Slimane. I think you would enjoy his work. I think you two are focusing on the same type of content within your work.


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