Monday, November 3, 2008

crafty casanova

listen up!get lost in the past
meet Casanova
a sound soaked
in last night's whiskey,
overflowing ashtrays,
bloody knuckles from
a two am encounter,
backlane business,
and the clinking of leftover coins.

for ears craving raspy drawls
and northern charm.
a heavy tune,
a laid down hat,
and a downtown curbside.

tune in to his musical domain

from a city filled with
grain elevators, mcjobs, and authentic decay.

songs made from packs of cigarettes, dusty basements,
downtown pool halls, country roadsides,
urbanized unemployment, bicycle license,
record collections, and double decade ago influences.

everyday drags and worn in benches

'oh, dear doctor'

the trash ladies want you to
tune in to CASANOVA,
waits-ish words,
and songs with soul.

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Etiquette said...

i <3 ur blog.

Anonymous said...

another great post!

i'm loving this blog

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