Thursday, November 13, 2008

a room full of cigarettes

cold night hide outs,
exploring libraries,

mesmerizing visualizers,
instrumental insight,
leftover beverages,
bottle abandoning,
endless light ups and spreading smoke clouds


miniature leaves and little girls

bathroom guards,
unlocking revolutions,
guitar string gratitude,
four drinks in ten minutes
and bad photographers

terrifying trespassing,
solo socializing,
negative nachoes,
four am friend finding

borrowed munchies,
jacket zipups,
church courtyards,
plant collecting,
and ketchup grabbings.

defining "all ages"
cold legs and knee lows,
killing kisses,
and hipster hideouts.

churchy courtyards,
malnourished misfits,
"you thiefs!!!"

window glued worriers,
don't drink and create,
dim lights and complete crashes.


Brittany said...

i look forward to your posts. they are fun.

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