Thursday, October 22, 2009

bad blood

bare legs,
shivering ribs,
streamer periods,
cleaning up,
and praising haters

breaking pipes,
missing people,
streetcar rallies,
camera reunions,
and poor company

hugging strangers,
sloshy women,
homoerotic battles,
nip slips,
and wild invitations

sunday wings,
crashing apartments,
thoughtful folks,
blonde delights,
worm comebacks,
and open mouths

For hot hot fashion,


Thursday Friday said...

Alright, we get it! You are really hip and fashionable and all you do is go to crazy partys and talk about how "totally fucked up" you are getting. Now what?

maria.maliki said...

awsome pics

colinkonrad said...

thanks for the smoke and the one hitter and for keeping me company while i was past out on the side of the street :)

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