Thursday, October 15, 2009

facile disjunction

slipknot sorrys,
five year old actions,
frightening burgers,
hippie park sundays,
bleeding heads,
and gorgeous movement

stealing basquiat,
breaking brushes,
pink demons,
tacky taxidermy,
killer handmates,
and being young

beer antics,
crowded roofs,
sleezy gentlemen,
window hoppers,
peace sign puke,
and stupid spadina

hopping mattresses,
animated falls,
mushaboom thoughts,
american uniforms,
miniature land,
and intense hairknots

spicy edibles,
stale wine,
horrifying clubs,
grumpy photographers,
sleeping beauties,
and east evacuation

hobo spots,
bicycle crashes,
irrational cans,
matrix shades,
and 30 ft drops

Photos by Laura-Lynn Petrick
Taken with a Yashica Fx-3
Visit for hate crimes.

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