Friday, October 2, 2009

unemployed bones

summer salutes,
infamous belles,
lunatic songs,
frenzied professionals,
and lone drivers

*Photo by Petra Collins

decadent bathrooms,
using hands,
schmoozing folks,
hearty axes,
and city juxtaposition

forgotten family tiffs,
screaming sunlight,
dissatisfied work,
goodbye smells,
and flippy floppy nites

legal locomotion,
snoopy birthdays,
antibiotic actions,
rapping delights,
and dawn sleepers

stranger talking,
park lurkings,
crowded bedrooms,
university stench,
prickly haircuts,
and business women

*Photo by Petra Collins

*Photo by Petra Collins

Photos by Laura-Lynn Petrick,
Taken with a Yashica Fx 3 Super 2000.
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