Monday, July 20, 2009

northern folk

flailing nationalism,
outdoor hilarity,
pet companions,
fake adoration,
and angry brains

illusion metros,
expensive cuisine,
thinking futuristic,
sun filled windows,
bicycle romance,
and country exits

busy busy birthdays,
lonely hitchhikers,
nonstop bartending,
exclusionary meals,
and addictive friends

everyday visits,
snoop dogg rides,
unaccepted hobbies,
radical houses,
smiling blondes,
and ironic toylands

soothing skies,
birthday fanatics,
exceptional professions,
melting bedrooms,
and war torn banners

noisy musicals,
mesmerizing people,
pool hall finales,
smoke alarm fits,
fifty cent pop,
and a handful of needles

Photos by Laura Lynn
Taken with Yashica Super Lx 2000


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