Wednesday, July 22, 2009

stoned advocates

shrugging rappers,
dazed slouches,
rapping babes,
crucifying days,
falling families,
and a salute to marc emery

sweating punks,
paradise prints,
pothead marketing,
toxic riffs,
and happy wifes

trippy butlers,
crowded fields,
negative documents,
swooning sales,
disorderly displays,
and uplifting speeches

blunt clothing,
marijuana men,
stinky metal,
peering creations,
and sketchy sitters

young love,
summer drying.
tied up fingers,
green giveaways,
and feeble limbs

playing with pets,
stained tshirts,
rapid currents,
fathers homes,
and greasy hair

remarkable trees,
clutter tantrums,
hyper pussycats,
and powerful paddling

Photos by Laura Lynn Petrick
Taken with Yashica Super LX 2000 35 MM.


J said...

Your photographs are amazing! the colors are great, warm, beautiful. i love the whole ambient that is shown.
sorry about my poor english, is not my first language ^^

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