Thursday, July 30, 2009

what you want to see

lethargic backyards,
boxed creatures,
saving lobsters,
fluky innuendo,
and turbulent kitchens

accidental murders,
strobe attacks,
picasso visions,
failed seances,
and regular fiends

oozing jesus candles,
opera blasting,
wagon dependence,
terror tanks,
housecoat entourages,
and open mouths

love in a trash can,
worldly look-alikes,
boisterous glasses,
reassuring talks,
falling men,
and treeclimbing brawls

tune in to the boys,
Casanova Frankenstein
new age rock and roll.

Photos by Laura Lynn Petrick
Taken with a Yashica 35 mm


J said...

wow. insane. but good as always

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