Thursday, July 9, 2009

romancing humans

speckled heights,
radiating cities,
adventure crews,
trusty vehicles,
cliff jumpers,
and voluntary substances

disregarding bands,
noir belles,
curly artists,
literal graffiti,
crusty hangouts,
and happy women

affected faces,
silver cans,
educational tags,
silly kitties,
and secular thoughts

minor anarchists,
nauseating elevation,
romancing humans,
edgy rationalizing,

Align Center

grimy group photos,
tourist exploitation,
native mountains,
perfect timing,
and busy legs


Claire said...

Hey just a question, where is that rock/hill thing? I live in toronto and I've never seen a location like that!

garbage museum said...

ahhh you have been fooled my friend, its about 18 hours north west of you

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