Wednesday, May 13, 2009

cautionary songs

nasty yellow shots,
offensive menus,
destroying purple rain,
beaver hat adoration,
ear bleeding karaoke,
cranium deficiency,
psycho killer 30 somethings,
and hometown simplicity

smoking restaurants,
greasy poutines,
rebelling sobriety,
salty tequillas,
and eclipsed audiences

catchy curators,
scuffed boots,
helpful monitors,
and bar discouragement

budget skateboarding,
change scroungers,
transfixing living rooms,
little boy girls,
pick up truck hilarity,
and soul-filled guitarists

onlooker glares,
disobeying traffic signs,
childhood audacity,
balcony reflections,
thunder multitasking,
and avoided nutrition

irregular mornings,
repeated highways,
falling ceilings,
absent smiles,
flustered homecomings,
and filmlike goodbyes

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