Friday, May 22, 2009

metal on metal

swashbuckling concerts,
amazing exits,
boggled brains,
convulsing fandom,
encouraging metalheads,
and too much army print

infectious smiles,
metal catapults,
captivating kitchens,
fearless bedroom rock,
laundry avoidance,
and two week old hairknots

eventful artshows,
rooftop antics,
irresistible talks,
free cigarettes,
wandering women,
and charming pairs

slurring babes,
dylan blasting apartments
youtube yo's,
levis booties,
secluded nineties tributes,
and bad idea beers

neverending bus rides,
clinking flasks,
cape escapades,
friendly radiators,
and sappy young girls

rowdy duos,
truthful tags,
terrifying haircuts,
slayer bashing,
and raw power rides


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