Saturday, May 2, 2009

nature women

traffic reflections,
magic hour hedonism,
twenty five cent calls,
dainty passerbys,
confusing undergrounds,
and misappropriated religion

ancient photoshoots,
slicker firemakers,
sandy clothing piles,
and ice cold lakes

genial running,
fitness worthy sprinters,
and swan swimmers

plain bagel braggers,
well-disposed film,
nihilist pins,
rainbow dedication,
and leafless branches

gargantuan youtube relations,


Anonymous said...

Nooo, books are too precious to burn!
But I love Garbage Museum.

tracy said...

i absolutely love the photographs and the video.
i don't know, you keep it so real, unlike many other bloggers.

jules said...

these pictures are super!!!

Rosé Magritte said...

Fuck yes. I love when someone captures others capturing another. It's so... real, in a sense. It's like you're there witnessing it all. The fact that its a video makes it 100x better.

frances said...

i compleeetely love these photos. x

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