Wednesday, May 20, 2009

surreal hegemony

bare belly buttons,
seasick sunsets,
those fiftieth celebrations,
romantic absences,
computer destructions,
forgotten sentences,
and unexpected words

drug sign directions,
artistic insobriety,
smoke alarm setoffs,
hiding friends,
and chatty fifty year olds

secluded drives,
hunting outerwear,
half frozen lakes,
obliterated adults,
and good stinking stoves

odd pier conversations,
relaxing vehicles,
grainy pit stops,
bluff destruction,
and shotgun callers

pentium butchering,
stoop jams,
towering views,
rapid waters,
the adventures of the lost boys,
and motherly offices

gin-induced arts,
animated streets,
mindblowing drums,
harmonic voices,
rainbow paintings,
and ravenous crews


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