Sunday, May 24, 2009

weekend clones

window bird mornings,
abandoned homes,
springtime sunlight,
rattling heaters,
disappearing gasoline,
and respectable sheep hats

bickering artists,
crafty cuttings,
excusable dinners,
using ceramics,
untouched salmon,
and great meal aromas

filled plates,
blackout midnights,
innocent gaming,
ambulance protocols,
drizzled loose kids,
and thunder bay troubles

hearing lake sounds,
running out of bottles,
scratching plates,
huffing heroes,
and reminiscent board games

drenched guys,
avoided telephones,
loudmouth folks,
bathroom lineups,
sketchy youth,
and whimsical fridays

smooching wives,
pickerel missions,
babbling waitresses,
indoor legalization,
camera groping,
and penny sparing cigars


Elaine Miller said...

i like those old house ones! good job

Elaine Miller said...

i like those old house ones a lot. good job!

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